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This Notice and Consent to Service and Terms of Use is required Prior to any services being provided by Piedmont Family Spa Inc.  “PFS”.  By using this Site, Booking an Appointment, and or By signing at PFS, “I”, the User or Patron of PFS (and if applicable representative of a Minor) agree to the following Prior to services being provide by PFS:

I have been given information, risks, and explained to about the services being provided by PFS, and I do hereby voluntarily acknowledge, accept, and assume any and all risk relating to the services being offered by PFS, including but not limited to infections, swelling, physical impairment, or bodily injury, and do hereby release, and waive any resulting liability.

I have disclosed that I do not have any medical conditions that would prevent me from receiving services provided by PFS including chronic back pain, liposuction within 1 month, surgeries within 1 year, or any other physical conditions.  If I have any changes in my medical condition, I will notify PFS prior to any services being provided.

I am not pregnant. If I am pregnant, I am 20 weeks or more or have a doctor’s consent to have the massage appointment that I have booked. I understand having massages done under 20 weeks or during pregnancy may cause complications or a miscarriage.

I acknowledge that failure to disclose any changes to my condition or that I am pregnant, I shall be completely liable for any resulting damages, injuries, or liabilities, sustained from the services provided by PFS, and I do hereby release, and waive any resulting liability.

I consent to having employees, independent contractors, and other agents of PFS touch my feet and or body in the services being provided.  At any time should I not wish to be touched, I will inform PFS and discontinue service.  I understand that draping may be used as required to only expose the part of my body that I request services or to my comfort level.  If ay any time during my appointment, I feel uncomfortable or in pain, I will immediately notify someone and or request a modification to the services.

I acknowledge that PFS may refuse to provide services to any Patron or part of their body with just and reasonable cause.

I acknowledge that all minors must be accompanied by a parent or have adult supervision.

I acknowledge that PFS makes no warranties or guaranties that the service will revived relief, health, or any medical benefits.  PFS is not a medical facility and does not offer medical services. PFS does not contract or accept payment from insurance companies.

I acknowledge that all Fees for massages are due prior to departure from PFS.

I acknowledge that Timeliness is expected, and in the event that I am late, the appointment may be cut short due to other scheduling and fees will be maintained the same or I can agree to change my service time to 30 minutes prior to services being renders.

I acknowledge and agree that all Service, Fees, and Pricing provided by PFS are Subject to Change without notice and that all Notices, Legal Disclaimers, Disclosures, are Subject to Change and the User will be provided notice of any changes.

I certify that I have scheduled my appointment after reading, understanding, and acknowledging the above Notice and Consent to Service and Terms of Use, having had the opportunity to ask questions prior to services being provided by PFS, and do hereby voluntarily provide informed consent to PFS agreeing to use the PFS web site and PFS services assuming, releasing, and waiving any and all liability, damages, claims of injuries against PFS.

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